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Petrol Prices in Pakistan

Petrol Prices Last Updated 06 Dec, 2022

Today Petrol Prices in Pakistan


Rs 224.48 Petrol Thumbnail

High Speed Diesel

Rs 235.30 High Speed Diesel Thumbnail

Light Diesel Oil

Rs 186.50 Light Diesel Oil Thumbnail

Kerosene Oil

Rs 191.83 Kerosene Oil Thumbnail

The price of petrol was last updated on 16 Nov 2022 and is currently being sold at the price of Rs.224.48/liter in Pakistan. Petrol Prices from the year 2006 in the form of a chart for users to quickly understand the increment/deduction in the price of petrol over the year.

Types of fuels used in Pakistan

Types of fuels used in Pakistan for road transportation are:
  1. Petrol
  2. Diesel
  3. CNG

How is those fuel obtained by Pakistan?

While Pakistan imports refine petroleum from the UAE at 52%, Kuwait at 17%, and Oman at 6.6%, Pakistan can save foreign exchange by importing petroleum products at low prices and refining crude oil at a domestic price.

Who decide fuel prices in Pakistan?

The petrol prices are regulated by Government and change on the first Wednesday of the month. The calculation of the new cost is done by Central Energy Fund (CEF) on behalf of the department of energy (DOE).

Why do fuel prices change every day?

Benchmark prices for petrol and diesel are linked to crude oil prices because crude oil is eager for production input. Crude oil is an internationally traded commodity, and its price is determined by changing global demand and supply factors.

What is the highest price in Pakistan's History?

Gasoline prices in Pakistan averages 0.74 USD/liter from 1995 until 2021 reaching an all-time high of 1.14 USD/liter in a record low of 0.46 USD/liter in December 1998.

Who sets the price of Fuel?

Petroleum prices are determined by market forces of supply and demand not individual companies prices of crude oil are the primary determinant price we pay at the fuel pump.

Petrol Prices Archive Since 2006

Date Price
16th November, 2022 PKR 224.48
1st November, 2022 PKR 224.48
16th October, 2022 PKR 224.48
1st October, 2022 PKR 224.48
22nd September, 2022 PKR 237.43
1st September, 2022 PKR 235.98

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