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Silver Prices in Pakistan

Silver Prices Last Updated 28 Mar, 2023

Today Silver Prices in Pakistan

1 Tola

Rs 2,442 1 Tola Thumbnail

10 Gram

Rs 2,093 10 Gram Thumbnail

The price of Silver was last updated on 27 Mar 2023 and is currently being sold at the price of Rs.2,442/tola in Pakistan.

What is Silver?

Silver is a chemical element, a white, lustrous metal valued for its beauty and electrical conductivity. It is located in Group 11 (Ib) and period 5 of the periodic table, between gold and copper, and its physical and chemical properties are intermediate between these two metals.

Silver Purity:

Silver is not rated in karats.
Common silver purity levels are:

  • 999/1000, or 99.9% purity
  • 925/1000, or 92.5% purity
  • 835/1000, or 83.5% purity
  • 800/1000, or 80% purity

Types of Silver:

  1. Sterling silver (92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper)
  2. Fine silver (99.9% pure)
  3. Britannia silver (made in the UK)
  4. Argentium silver (a modern alloy with 93.5% to 96% silver)

Sterling Silver:

Sterling silver is a type of silver that is made from 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. It is popular for jewelry making because it is easy to work with and relatively affordable. Sterling silver is lightweight and can withstand everyday wear without losing its shape or shine.

Fine Silver:

Fine silver is a type of silver that contains 99.9% pure silver. It is known for its high luster and resistance to tarnish. Fine silver jewelry is often marked with a ‘999’ or FS to indicate its high purity.

Britannia Silver:

Britannia silver is a type of silver that is made in the United Kingdom. It has been in use since 1697, when it was first introduced by the Act of Parliament in England. Britannia silver is also referred to as British silver.

Argentium Silver:

Argentium silver is a modern type of silver that was patented in 1998 by silversmith Peter Johns. It is made of an alloy that contains 93.5% to 96% silver and a combination of copper and metalloid germanium. To identify Argentium silver, it is marked with a “925”, “935”, or “960” and the Winged Unicorn Trademark.

Where it is find in Pakistan?

Silver is mined in Pakistan at Saindak in Balochistan and Shinkai in North Waziristan.

Silver units:

  • Ounce
  • Gram
  • Kilo
These prices are an estimate and the prices may vary in the actual market.

Silver Prices History

Price Date
Rs. 2,442/tola 27 Mar, 2023
Rs. 2,739/tola 24 Mar, 2023
Rs. 2,373/tola 23 Mar, 2023
Rs. 2,373/tola 22 Mar, 2023
Rs. 2,389/tola 21 Mar, 2023
Rs. 2,317/tola 17 Mar, 2023
Rs. 2,310/tola 16 Mar, 2023
Rs. 2,296/tola 15 Mar, 2023
Rs. 2,155/tola 14 Mar, 2023
Rs. 2,098/tola 13 Mar, 2023
Rs. 2,183/tola 09 Mar, 2023
Rs. 2,183/tola 08 Mar, 2023
Rs. 2,197/tola 07 Mar, 2023
Rs. 2,196/tola 06 Mar, 2023
Rs. 2,062/tola 03 Mar, 2023
Rs. 2,029/tola 02 Mar, 2023
Rs. 2,016/tola 01 Mar, 2023
Rs. 2,023/tola 28 Feb, 2023
Rs. 2,025/tola 27 Feb, 2023
Rs. 2,088/tola 24 Feb, 2023
Rs. 2,167/tola 23 Feb, 2023
Rs. 2,167/tola 22 Feb, 2023
Rs. 2,167/tola 21 Feb, 2023
Rs. 2,143/tola 20 Feb, 2023
Rs. 2,139/tola 17 Feb, 2023
Rs. 2,198/tola 16 Feb, 2023
Rs. 2,213/tola 15 Feb, 2023
Rs. 2,238/tola 14 Feb, 2023
Rs. 2,252/tola 13 Feb, 2023
Rs. 2,317/tola 10 Feb, 2023
Rs. 2,302/tola 09 Feb, 2023
Rs. 2,309/tola 08 Feb, 2023
Rs. 2,308/tola 06 Feb, 2023
Rs. 2,325/tola 31 Jan, 2023

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